[home] Richard's Photos of the Modular Layout
Richard, our Newsletter Editor, was at the B&O Museum on Black Friday.  He took some great photos and emailed them to me.  I figure they deserve a web page of their own!  ...Pete
A "Ma and Pa" switcher and CSX Woodchip car cross high above on the trestle.  In the back-ground is the beautiful new roof that replaced the one damaged in a February 2003 snowstorm.
Thomas rounds the bend on Wolverton Mountain with the roundhouse roof forming the background.  The glass tube on the left holds up Thomas's friend Harold the Helicopter.
View from inside the layout, looking at Jeff's Z scale "garden railroad in miniature."  At the upper left is Harold the Helicopter and on the right is a working windmill.  The GP7 in the back drove into the Roundhouse a few minutes before carrying none other than Santa Claus.
LARGE SCALE, SMALL SCALE - The huge 1:20 scale Accucraft K-28 dwarfs the tiny Z scale (1:220 scale) ICE and B&O passenger trains.
OVERALL VIEW - Most of our layout is visible in this picture.  Clockwise from lower right: Tom's German Depot, Jeff's access bridge, the Ferris Wheel, Oil tanks, Don's Cycle Shop, Walt's Garage, Jeff S.'s trestle, the grain elevator, Lee's Hamilton Garage, Dick's Wolverton Mountain, and Jeff's "Garden Railroad in Miniature."  You can also see the crowds, the vintage steam locomotives, and Santa's GP7.