JANUARY 6, 2007
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The teardown of our club modular layout went so well that we were done by noon, and it was a beautiful warm sunny day.  I had been talking about checking out the brightly-colored engines of the Canton Railroad, so a couple of us ventured to where we thought it was located.
Here's the main office, located on the east side of Baltimore near the Fort McHenry Tunnel toolbooths.  It was still a real challenge to find it among the side streets. The offices were closed, but around back we found four switchers in exactly the paint job we were looking for.  Behind them were a number of CSX road engines.
A view of the yard, yes, looking into the sun, but there's 4 engines there.  All were shut down for the weekend.
Here's a closer view of No. 1203, most likely an SW1200, similar to the G scale NW2 by USA Trains.
Another shot of the 1203 and 1204.  On the far left you can see the signs on the I-95 viaduct. Caboose No. 2, showing off the main elements of the Maryland State Flag, the Calvert (black and yellow diagonals) and Crossland (red and white cross).
Sometimes you can't get much of a shot with fences, poles, etc., but at least you get a good rendition of colors in this photograph. Who designed the paint scheme? H. S. Dorsey and D. R. McCoy.  Who painted it?  The B&O Railroad Museum, in June 1996.
While I was taking some of those pictures, Dick was on the other side of the road.  He got this picture of a Hi-Rail truck parked under the I-95 Viaduct.
I heard a locomotive horn and ran to the nearest street crossing.  But no, I was at the wrong street.  Meanwhile Dick got this well-composed photo of a CSX train crossing Newkirk Street.