FEBRUARY 13, 2005
Boys will be boys.  We saw the ice on the pond and we talked about how once upon a time many years ago the railroad laid tracks on the ice of the Susquehanna River.  Pete's battery powered train ran across a table top an hour ago, so it can probably run on ice too! Want to try it?  Why not!!  So here goes...
SHOULD WE OR SHOULDN'T WE - very carefully we backed the train off the Tote onto the slippery ice.  Will it work?  Will it fall through the ice?
WE DID IT!!! - it actually moved across the ice under its own power.  An ICE SKATING TRAIN!  So far so good...
FISH NET TO THE RESCUE - At one point the wheels started spinning and the train was stuck.  We called AAA and they sent a fish net instead of a tow truck!
SAFE AT LAST - We all breathed a sigh of relief as the engine returned to the safety of its Tonner Tote.  There was a wet spot where each driver was spinning.
HOW THICK WAS IT? - Barely more than a half inch!  ...and the edges were melting!
BUDD ON ICE - Pete was in his car about to leave when suddenly he realized this was a golden opportunity: Putting the Budd Car on the ice!  So back to the pond!  Where's the water coming from?  The car's weight was sinking the ice! 
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