Perched on the side of a hill along the actual right-of-way of the Famous Ma and Pa Railroad is a garden railroad known as the Maryland Central.  Trestles are everywhere, as that is the only way the railroad could be built on the steep embankment.  Not just regular trestles, mind you, but tall, vaulting, arched trestles spanning waterfalls, streams, and railroads. 

The snowy scene on the left was taken during one of several snowstorms in early 2005, as an Accucraft K-27 carefully tiptoes out onto the highest part of the trestle, 140 scale feet above the rocky abyss, along a curve no less.

During the Spring of 2006 another 150 feet of trestles were installed, but none is as respected (and feared) as this one.
All Photos by R. Weatherby

The house and railroad are located at the top of a steep driveway.  There are several parking spots up top as well as at the base..  Please don't park on Watervale Road or the the neighbor's driveway.  The first thing you will see as you approach the railroad is a huge curving trestle over a waterfall (top photo above).  As you move along to the left you will notice many more trestles and bridges, as well as tunnels, mine buildings, houses, barns, and stations, and plenty of lush vegetation.  There are 3 main lines, connecting tracks, mine trackage, and on the left side a roundhouse called the Porterhouse Stake.  There is also a new whimsical-theme railroad located to the left of the pond.  You can tour the main part of the railroad up close, if you don't mind some climbing, by negotiating the steps carved into the hillside near the mine buildings, up along a trail near the top, and back down to solid earth on a sturdy wood staircase.
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