Photos by RTW
Fourth snow? Fifth snow? Sixth snow?  It's hard to tell since it snowed so often this year! But anyhow, it snowed on February 24 and they're loading another carload of coal at the Broken Heart Coal Company.  The miners aren't too broken hearted, though.  They're happy for the extra work ever since the local electric company expanded service into the countryside with the passage of the Rural Electrification Act.
The folks at the House on the Hill and the Barnton Depot are enjoying their new electric lights.
Aunt Millie arrives on the evening train.  On the platform, two men from the mine are carrying boxes of dynamite, which arrived on a special shipment due to increased demand for coal.
Early the next morning, the kids are out with their sleds.  Hopefully none of them will land on the tracks in front of a speeding train!
Now that the sun is finally shining, Farmer Fred tries to get the tractor started while Mr. Ed stays close to the barn.  Two of the kids, Dumb and Dumber, are trying to roll a snowball uphill while their brother Dufus rides his sled dressed like it's summer outside.
Number Six is running as a snowplow extra, clearing the line so the coal trains can feed the hungry power plant.  Meanwhile the weatherman has called for a Nor'easter day after tomorrow!