January 20, 2005
The Maryland Central had a rough time with the snow this time.  Before the storm, the AristoCraft snowplow required major maintenance on its rusty wheels.  Then it was placed in the tunnel waiting for the snowstorm.  Once the crew was ready, it emerged from the portal just below the Dew Yew Mine (below left).  After several miles of plowing, the heavy snow and steep grades caused a loss of traction for the Rio Grande engine.
After a minor derailment, the plow's rear bolster broke.  Once the plow was repaired, the old Chessie NW2 was brought in to push through the upper pass.  This seemed to work well until the side frames began to have trouble in the journal boxes.  By 9 AM the line was finally cleared.  But a blizzard predicted for this weekend may shut down the railroad.
NEWS UPDATE 12:20 PM JAN 24 - An avalanche has closed down the Maryland Central Railroad.  Stay tuned for updates