MARCH 31, 2006
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By Pete Eggink
It was time for our annual trek to the East Coast Large Scale Show in York.  We had arranged for four of us to drive there, help out with the SEPGRS modular layout, do some railfanning, and then attend the Dealer Hall.  Dave, our local Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad expert, woke up sick and had to cancel out.  So Cliff and I embarked on our trip and picked up Ken on the way.  When we got to Ken's, he showed us his new concrete-style trestle, as shown in the foreground below:
The piers are concrete bricks and the spans are Trex decking with the center milled out with a table saw.  Meanwhile the cat rolled around in the bare spot where a town sat last summer:
The three of us drove north, across the Conowingo Dam, and this time we bypassed Delta, where last year we visited the old Green Marble Quarry and the slate mine.
I mentioned that there might be some old Ma and Pa trackage at a place called Muddy Creek Forks, about five miles west of Route 74. "Want to check it out guys?" "Sure, why not!".  Soon as we descended into the valley, we saw the the tracks and a cluster of buildings.  Here is the station, now a general store:
As you turn around l80 degrees you see the mill complex as the track curves to the left:
Walk up a little further and you see the Yard Limit sign, just after milepost 59.2::
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