FEBRUARY 13, 2005
It all started at the Club meeting, where Pete was demonstrating the battery powered 44 Tonner driving itself on and off its new Tonner Tote.  Dick invited us to come out for a tour of the Maryland Central after the meeting.
TRAIN WRECK - The tour got off to a bad start when Dick was getting this train out of the way and the caboose caught the station platform and launched itself skyward.
UNLOADING AT THE FARM - just like a horse unloading from a horse trailer, the 44 Tonner carefully backs out of the Tote.
POSING FOR A PHOTO - The tourist train poses under the arches of the trestle for a photo. The last patches of snow cling to the hillside after several days of mild weather.
TUNNEL HILL - The real town of Tunnelhill Pennsylvania doesn't have as many tunnels in one place as Dew Yew Mountain on the Maryland Central. 
DEW YEW MINE? - No I don't mine, thank you.  These miners have just started the evening shift, loading a hopper car with the help of a new lighting system.
Well folks, that's about it for the Official Tour.  But one thing led to another, and before too long, we embarked on a unique and daring adventure: TAKING THE TRAIN ICE SKATING!
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