MARCH 30, 2007
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It was a mild, sunny day, and after lunch Dave, Kenny, and I did a little railfanning.  These guys know when I say "Trust me, I'll find the railroad," they know it will happen.  First we stopped at the Norfolk Southern yard just south of Route 30.  Here's what we found.
GP38 No. 5660 and high-hood mate 5171 were doing the honors, where last year it was a pair of GP-15's.  Notice the air conditioners on the roofs. The crew was kicking cars at a comfortable walking speed.  This guy is pulling the coupler pin at just the right moment, after which the engineer will hit the brakes.
The cars slowly glided to the appropriate track.  The same crewman was setting the switches while another was opening couplers on the receiveing tracks. Nobody's perfect, and this time the guy couldn't pull the pin at the exact moment, so the lumber car was going too slow.  The engineer had to give it another kick.
We met a local railfan, Bill Lewis, who kindly showed us another nice railfanning spot.  The Norfolk Southern crew took a cut of cars south to the former Pennsy yard, where this pair of Yorkrail engines was waiting.  We'd seen the CF7 before, but today we were treated to the sight of this fine-looking engine in the Gennessee and Wyoming paint scheme.
After the NS crew dropped its cars, its engines proceeded west and the Yorkrail engines followed, leaving a nice plume of white smoke.
Now they're side by side, with the PRR station off in the distance.
As the Yorkrail engines headed west, they passed the abandoned PRR tower.
Here's the nicely restored Ma and Pa station on Princess Street.
With two men riding up front, the Norfolk Southern engines head back north.